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6: Visual Computing II

Date: 29th November 2023

💡 This week we’ll be expanding on last weeks session so see how we can turn our classifiers in generative models! Generative models have recently captured a lot of attention, with models like DALL-E generating art of users and ChatGPT generating informative responses to many questions. Our focus will be on generative models for computer vision, where we’ll explore how to build a model that will learn the intrinsic features of a dataset and generate new images. We’ll walk you through how to build your own auto-encoder and share with you many newer models that have been used in industry and research alike. 💡

You can access our demonstration notebook here: 📘 Tutorial 6 Notebook

You can access our slides here: 💻 Tutorial 6 Slides

The recording from this session is available here: 🎤 Tutorial 6 Recording