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12: ML + CS Career Panel

Date: 7th February 2024

Time: 5.30-7.30pm || Room: TCR 188 Room 1+2

💡 Thank you for participating in our tutorials series this year! Now that you have an insight to the world of ML, we want to discuss what you can do beyond this in our AI, CS, Data Science society collaboration.

Are you interested in going into Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and Data Science but uncertain about where to begin? Well, we've got you covered! Join us at the UCL Career Panel for an insightful session where fellow students, experienced in software engineering internships and academic excellence in ML and Data Science, will share their stories and answer your questions. See you there! 💡

🚀 Why Attend?

1️⃣ Software Engineering Internship Insights: Gain practical insights from UCL students who did software engineering internships from Bloomberg, Microsoft, IBM and Google. Feel free to ask questions regarding preparing CV, interview practice and the overall work experience.

2️⃣ Academic Excellence in Research and PhD Pursuits: Explore the balance between academic excellence and real-world impact as our panelists share their journeys in research and Ph.D. pursuits. Learn how they've merged academia with practical skills, offering a roadmap for those interested in research-oriented paths.

3️⃣ ML and Data Science Career Paths: Uncover diverse career opportunities within Machine Learning and Data Science as our panelists share their experiences as data scientists, startup enthusiasts, and quantitative analysts. Gain insights into the day-to-day challenges and unique aspects of each role, helping you map your own path in ML and Data Science.

🗣️ What to Expect:

📌 Engaging Discussions: Deep-dive into conversations where our panelists share personal anecdotes and insights. Learn about their journeys, successes, and even the occasional failure that shaped their careers.

🎓 Q&A Session: Have questions? Our panelists are ready to provide tailored advice during the interactive Q&A. No query is too big or small!

🍕🥤 Free Food and Networking: Savor delicious bites and drinks while connecting with like-minded UCL students. Build a network that will support and inspire you throughout your academic and professional journey.