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💻 Machine Learning Tutorial Series

Welcome to season 4 (2023-24) of the beginner machine learning tutorial series of the UCL Artificial Intelligence Society!

If you have any questions about our content or machine learning more generally, feel free to ask us at the next session or make a forum post on the UCLAIS Discord server. You can also join our WhatsApp group chat through this link.

Our Team​

This academic year, the tutorial series is being delivered by the following people:

DOXA Challenges​

Our teaching will be supplemented by engaging AI competitions on DOXA related to topics such as visual computing, natural language processing and reinforcement learning.

To take part and follow along with the tutorial series content, sign up to the platform if you have not done so already.

Weekly Tutorials​

📚 Access our notebooks, slides and recordings here!


Term 1​

During the first half term, we aim to cover basic concepts of classical ML:

  • Tutorial 0: Introduction to AI
  • Tutorial 1: Introduction to Python
  • Tutorial 2: Regression
  • Tutorial 3: Classification (Doxa 1)

After reading week, we will focus on Deep Learning!

  • Tutorial 4: Neural Networks (Doxa 2)
  • Tutorial 5: Visual Computing I
  • Tutorial 6: Visual Computing II
  • Tutorial 7: Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Tutorial 8: ClimateHack.AI Workshop

Term 2​

  • Tutorial 9: Natural Language Processing I
  • Tutorial 10: Natural Language Processing II
  • Tutorial 11: Reinforcement Learning
  • Tutorial 12: ML Career Perspectives and Ongoing Learning Strategies

Previous Seasons​

The content and resources from previous years are available on GitHub: