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1: Introduction to Python

Date: 18th October 2023

💡 Python is a common, high-level programming language known for its simplicity - this means that if you are new to coding, this language would be the perfect place to start! It has access to a lot of libraries and frameworks, including NumPy, Pandas, and TensorFlow, that are particularly useful for our ML series. In this session, the Tutorials team is collaborating with the Development team to create a workshop where we can provide direct help with setting up your environment and walk you through Python exercises we have prepared for you to get started! 💡

You can access our demonstration notebook here: 📘 Tutorial 1 Notebook

Here are the exercises you can go through: 📘 Tutorial 1 Exercises

You can access our slides here: 💻 Tutorial 1 Slides

The recording from this session is available here: 🎤 Tutorial 1 Recording

Here are two videos covering our exercise solutions:

We will not go through all of the notebooks in the session, but throughout this series, we will be referring back to them.

For more information on various Python libraries, we have extra resources available here: 📘 Python Notebook Collection