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4: Neural Networks

Date: 15th November 2023

💡 We will introduce you guys to Neural Networks (NN) in our session this week! This is going to be the first tutorial this half term on Deep Learning. We'll start with the fundamental building blocks: neurons. Delve into the activation functions that determine a neuron's output and the critical concept of loss. As we progress, we will show how forward pass computes the outputs of our model, and how backwards propagation is used to update parameters iteratively. NN allow us to process unstructured data such as images, whilst training to recognise their patterns for applications such as image recognition - but more on that next time! 💡

You can access our demonstration notebook here: 📘 Tutorial 4 Notebook

You can access our slides here: 💻 Tutorial 4 Slides

The recording from this session is available here: 🎤 Tutorial 4 Recording

The DOXA Challenge notebook can be found here: 🏆 DOXA Challenge 2